Select the correct option with respect to mitosis

  • Chromatids start endoplasmic¬†

  • Golgi complex and endoplasmic reticulum are still visible at the end of prophase

  • chromosomes move to the spindle equator and get aligned along equatorial plate in metaphase

  • chromatids separate but remains in the centre of the cell in anaphase

Which of the following options gives the correct sequence of events during mitosis?

  • Condensation - nuclear membrane disassembly
    - crossing over - segregation - telophase

  • Condensation - nuclear membrane disassembly
    -arrangement at equator - centromere
    division - segregation - telophase

  • Condensation - crossing over - nuclear
    membrane disassembly - segregation -

  • Condensation - arrangement at equator -
    centromere division - segregation -

A cell at telophase stage is observed by a student in a plant brought from the field. He tells his teacher that this cell is not like other cells at telophase stage. there is no formation of cell plate and thus the cell is containing more number of chromosomes as compares to other dividing cells. This would result in

  • polyploidy

  • somaclonal variation

  • polyteny

  • aneuploidy

What would be the number of chromosomes of the aleurone cells of a plant with 42 chromosomes in its root tip cells? 

  • 63

  • 84

  • 21

  • 42

Given below is the representation of a certain event at a particular stage of a type of cell division. Which is this stage?

  • Prophase-I during meiosis

  • Prophase-II during meiosis

  • Prophase of mitosis

  • Both prophase and metaphase of mitosis

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