Which one gives the most valid and recent explanation for stomatal movements?

  • Transpiration

  • Potassium influx and efflux

  • Starch hydrolysis

  • Guard cell photosynthesis

Which one of the following is correctly matched?

  • Passive transport of nutrients - ATP

  • Apoplast - Plasmodesmata

  • Potassium-Readily immobilization

  • Bakane of rice seedlings-F Skoog

The translocation of organic solutes in sieve tube members is supported by

  • root pressure and transpiration pull

  • P-proteins

  • mass flow involving a carrier and ATP

  • cytoplasmic streaming

Tracheids differ from other treachery elements

  • having Casparian strips

  • being imperforate

  • lacking nucleus

  • being lignified

Roots play insignificant role in absorption of water in

  • Sunflower

  • Pistia

  • Pea

  • Wheat

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