With reference to factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis, which of the following statements is not correct?

  • Light saturation for CO2 fixation occurs at 10% of full sunlight

  • Increasing atmospheric CO2¬†concentration upto 0.05% can enhance CO2 fixation rate

  • C3 plants responds to higher temperatures with enhanced photosynthesis while C4 plants have much lower temperature optimum

  • Tomato is a greenhouse crop which can be grown in CO2- enriched atmosphere for higher yield

During photorespiration, the oxygen-consuming reaction(s) occur in

  • stroma of chloroplasts and mitochondria

  • stroma of chloroplasts and peroxisomes

  • grana of chloroplasts and peroxisomes

  • stroma of chloroplasts

Which one of the following is essential for photolysis of  water

  • Manganese

  • Zinc

  • Copper

  • Boron

In photosynthesis, the light-independent reactions take place

  • Thylakoid lumen

  • Photosystem I

  • Photosystem II

  • Stromal matrix

A plant requires magnesium for

  • holding cells together

  • protein synthesis

  • chlorophyll synthesis

  • cell wall development

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