In germinating seeds fatty acids are degraded exclusively in the

  • proplastid

  • glyoxisomes

  • peroxisomes

  • mitochondria

Auxin can be bioassayed by

  • Avena coleoptile curvature

  • Hydroponics

  • Potometer

  • Lettuce hypocotyl elongation

Stroma in the chloroplasts of higher plants contains

  • light -independent reaction enzymes

  • Light -dependent reaction enzymes

  • ribosomes

  • chlorophyll

The length of different internodes in a culm of sugarcane is variable because of

  • shoot apical meristem

  • position of axillary buds

  • size of leaf lamina at the node below each internode

  • intercalary meristem

Typical growth curve in plants is 

  • sigmoid

  • linear

  • stair-steps shaped

  • parabolic

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