The blood calcium level is lowered by the deficiency of 

  • parathormone

  • thyroxine

  • calcitonin

  • Both (a) and (c)

'Bundle of His' is a part of which one of the following organs in humans?

  • Heart

  • Kidney

  • Pancreas

  • Brain

Compared to blood our Lymph has

  • no plasma

  • plasma without proteins

  • more WBCs and no RBCs

  • more RBCs and less WBCs

Which one of the following is wrong statement?

  • Anabaena and Nostoc are capable of fixing nitrogen in free-living state also

  • Root nodule forming nitrogen fixers live as aerobes under free-living conditions

  • Phosphorus is a constituent of cell membranes, certain nucleic acids and all proteins

  • Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter are chemoautotrophs

Blood pressure in the pulmonary artery is

  • more than that in the carotid

  • more than that in the pulmonary vein

  • less than that in the Vena cava

  • same as that in the aorta

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