What is common about Trypanosoma, Noctiluca, Monocystis and Giardia?

  • These are all unicellular protists

  • They have flagella

  • They produce spores

  • These are all parasites

Which group of animal belongs to the same phylum?

  • Malarial parasite, Amoeba, mosquito

  • Earthworm, pinworm, tapeworm

  • Prawn, scorpion, Locusta

  • Sponge, sea anemone, starfish

Endosperm is consumed by developing embryo in the seed of 

  • coconut

  • castor

  • pea

  • maize

Which pair of the following belongs to Basidiomycetes?

  • Birds nest fungi and Pufballs

  • Pufballs and Calviceps

  • Peziza and Stink horns

  • Morchella and Mushrooms

Chrysophytes, euglenoids, dinoflagellates and slime moulds are included in the kingdom

  • Protista

  • Fungi

  • Animalia

  • Monera

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