Which one of the following characteristics is not shared by birds and mammals?

  • Breathing using lungs

  • Viviparity

  • Warm-blooded nature

  • Ossified endoskeleton

Which one of the following is not a characteristic of phylum-Annelida?

  • Closed circulatory system

  • Segmentation

  • Pseudocoelom

  • Ventral nerve cord

Five Kingdom system of classification suggested by RH Whittaker is not based on

  • presence or absence of a well-defined nucleus

  • mode of reproduction

  • Mode of nutrition

  • Complexity of body organisation

Which one of the followings in birds, indicates their reptilian ancestry?

  • Scales on their hind limbs

  • Four chambered heart

  • Two special chambers crop and gizzard in their digestive tract

  • Eggs with a calcareous shell

Metagenesis refers to

  • Presence of different morphic forms

  • Alternation of generation between asexual and sexual phases of an organism

  • Occurrence of a drastic change in form during post-embyonic development

  • Presence of a segmented body and parthenogenetic mode of reproduction

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