The epithelial tissue present on the inner surface of bronchioles and fallopian tubes is 

  • cuboidal

  • glandular

  • ciliated

  • squamous

The cells lining the blood vessels belong to  the category of 

  • smooth muscle tissue

  • squamous epithelium

  • columnar epithelium

  • connective tissue

The ciliated columnar epithelial cells in humans are known to occur in

  • bronchioles and fallopian tubes

  • bile duct and oesophagus

  • fallopian  tubes and urethra

  • eustachian tube and stomach lining

Uric acid is the chief nitrogenous component of the excretory products of 

  • man

  • earthworm

  • cockroach

  • frog

What external changes are visible after the last moult of a cockroach nymph?

  • Mandibles become harder

  • Anal cerci develop

  • Both fore wings and hind wings develop

  • Labium develops

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