How could we see objects through transparent glass?

It’s winter, sitting outside enjoying the beautiful sunny day and suddenly a question pop into my mind. How could we see the object through transparent glass? why can’t we see through wall, table, or wood? Why we able to see… Continue Reading →

आधुनिक पत्रकारिता : एक नज़र में

किसी ने क्या खूब लिखा है – “यथासमे रोचते विश्वम तथेदं परिवर्तते”. कवी या साहित्यकार को जैसा रुचता है वह संसार को वैसे ही आयाम में परिवर्तित कर देता है . “साहित्य समाज का दर्पण है”, यह कथन हमने सयाद… Continue Reading →

5 Biggest Dams in India – Know India : Interesting Fact

List of Seven Highest Dams In India 1. Tehri Dam – Uttarakhand -It is the highest dam in India & 8th highest dam in the world. 2.Bhakra  Dam – Himachal Pradesh -Largest dam of India and highest gravity dam in the world…. Continue Reading →

CLAT committee release flawed CLAT 2012 answer key, Students baffled

The problems surrounding this year’s Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2012 seems to be never ending. After the CLAT committee released the question paper’s answer key of CLAT 2012 on Friday, there were at least 12 errors spotted worth 12… Continue Reading →

CBSE board 2017 Hindi Question Paper class 10, Solved Previous Year Question Papers

CBSE Board 2017 Hindi Question Paper Class 10 Solved Previous Year Question Papers One Click for the free solution of 2017 Hindi Question Paper Solving last year Board 2017 Hindi Question papers for CBSE exam preparation is always a smart… Continue Reading →

What are you doing for your health and fitness? Join free to know

Fitness Routine , Is it working for you and are you getting healthier? If you are a beginner or a starter you would be aspiring to mix things like by starting to lift weights to doing exercising. It is paramount… Continue Reading →

You Can Do it – With Mental Courage and Will Power

Mental Courage as the name itself suggests is related to mental strength. It is a saying faith can move mountains but I quote mental power can move a dead soul alive. Willpower as its name quotes the power of your… Continue Reading →

Words Can Be Appreciated – Question of Every blogger

Writing is a true skill or passion for those who admire it. But are the words of a writer truly appreciated and acknowledged? This is a serious question to be pondered upon. As per my insight writing can be comprised… Continue Reading →

Success And Failure Depends on You

 Success normally envisaged the core element every human being reckoning to achieve in life. It is not a cake walk to shoot in one day. It requires doing toughest and unlikeable things to do in life. Ceasing discomfort opens the… Continue Reading →

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection – IBPS

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection also known as IBPS, is a recruitment body, IBPS conducts online exams for clerk and Probationary officer (PO), RRB officer and Management Trainee in various participating banks. However, not every bank is participating in… Continue Reading →

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