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Why the sky appears blue? 29, Jan-2020

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Why are cats afraid of cucumber? 29, Jan-2020

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Apple $US 1 trillion Company - Apple reaches $1 trillion value

On thursday 2, August 2018 Apple just become the first American public company to cross $ 1 trillion in value.

The founder of apple Steve Jobs who died in Palo Alto on October 5, 2011 had a vision to be the world richest company.


A thin line between Success and Failure

Ouccess in broader terms is doing difficult task frequently. You cannot be an achiever in the first attempt. Anything easily achieved cannot be a success in real terms because it may or may not be perennial.

Success is achieved on the basis of piles of milestones, sweat, efforts and with self-discipline of an individual. And this is built partially in a daunting professional atmosphere. We live in the world where our work is judged in the blink of eyes to be a success or a failure.

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