Do the Governor and his staff finally heave a sigh of relief?


It is 11.20 when the Governor spoke to Stephens to accompany McLeery to the main prison gate and lock the door on Evans after he had left. At 11.25 am, McLeery announced “Stop writing, please.” He even instructed Evans to put number of his sheets orderly. Thus the examination was over and the Governor as well as his staff finally heaved a sigh of relief.

But it was short-lived. After returning from the main-gate, Stephens stopped and peered through the peep-hole. He was startled to see a man on Evans’ chair with dripping blood. He raised an alarm and called Jackson. There was a great panic in the prison.'Sirens were sounding. The Governor was grim and perplexed. The injured McLeery had the clues about Evans. The Detective Superintendent Carter arrived and put McLeery in his car to search Evans. The Governor and his staff could not heave a sigh of relief in this panic situation.