Reflecting on the story, what did you feel about Evans having the last laugh?


Having the last laugh' means to be successful and making the opponent stupid. Here the phrase finds a suitable place in the story. We can see that the Governor initiates all precautionary measures for the smooth conduct of the examination and ensures that Evans won’t escape. He arranges for a microphone in the cell of Evans and appoints two Senior Police Officers for his vigil. And in spite of all his toil, Evans has the last laugh. His cell is thoroughly searched and it is reported that nothing is hidden there. Still Evans is able to hide a false beard, a pair of spectacles, a dog collar and some sort of weapon that has hurt McLeery.

Further McLeery is found securely bound and gagged in his study. It becomes clear that Evans has been impersonating McLeery who had stayed in. Even after his arrest at a hotel The Golden Lion, the Governor could not bring him back to the cell. He had some good friends who helped his escape. In examination and police department he had close friends who arranged things for him. With his intelligence and the help of his friends, Evans was able to have the last laugh in the story.