Write the character sketch of James Roderick Evans.


How can you say that Evans was a man of high wits?


James Roderick Evans was a very cunning, smart and deceitful type of prisoner. So he was imprisoned in H.M. Oxford Prison under the careful watch and vigil of the Governor and other prison officials. But on the other hand, he was a very jolly fellow and participated in Christmas concerts. He was very good at imitations but he had no record of violence in the prison.

He was famous by the name of ‘Evans the Break’ since he tried to escape from the prison three times. The Governor and other prison officers remained tense in the presence of Evans. All had severe doubts about his being absconding. He was a very sharp man having knowledge how to make an easy escape. He understood the human psychology very well. Immediately he requested the Governor that the presence of Stephens would distract his attenion in the paper. He was smart enough to outwit the Governor and his staff. He impersonated as McLeery and had a fine setting with his friends. He had the last laugh in the story and duped the Governor.