Even' today so many among us believe in superstitions. An astrologer Predicted about 'the Tiger King' that he would be" killed by a tiger. He 'Killed' one hundred tigers yet was he 'killed' by a tiger. How did the Superstitious belief ‘prevail’?


When the Maharaja was born, the astrologer had predicted that he would be killed by a tiger. After he grew up, the astrologer made a prediction that he would be killed by the hundredth tiger. The Maharaja proclaimed that he would disprove this prediction. But, he was threatened deep down the heart. His belief in superstition urged him to kill a hundred tigers. He started killing the tigers in his kingdom. Soon, he succeeded in killing them all.

In fact, he married a girl from a kingdom that had a high tiger population so that he could have more tigers to kill and on account of reaching the count of the number. After he shot the hundredth tiger, he was assured that he had killed 100 tigers and so now he was safe. As luck would have it, he had only wounded the 100th tiger. The biggest irony was that he was killed by a wooden tiger while playing with his son. His arm became septic after it was injured by a rough surface protruding out. Eventually, the infection spread rapidly and the king died. Destiny avenged the death of all the tigers the Maharaja had killed.