How did a picture on one of the walls in Baskerville Hall help in solving the mysterious death of Sir Charles Baskerville? Answer in about 125 words.


It happened on the day when Sherlock Holmes made his appearance in Baskerville. Same day, Sir Henry also reached there. When he sat with Dr. Watson to eat a late supper, the line of family portraits caught Holmes' attention, one in particular. Sir Henry identified that painting as a portrait of Hugo Baskerville from 1647. Later, after Henry had gone to his room, Holmes took Watson along to look once again at Hugo’s picture. Upon closer inspection, Watson realised what Holmes was trying to bring his attention to – the face in the painting was a perfect likeness of Stapleton’s. Clearly, Stapleton was a Baskerville. Now, being a descendant of the family, it was obvious that Stapleton would want the estate. Sherlock, thus, found the missing link in the case, which helped him to identify the culprit. He then concentrated on how to prove the same before the law.