Give a character-sketch of the Governor of Oxford Prison based on your understanding of the story, ‘Evans Tries on O-level’.


The Governor of the HM Prison, Oxford appears to be a considerate and kind-hearted fellow at the start as he arranges for an O-level language exam for a prisoner notorious for his ability to escape from the prison. However, he is quite skeptical of Evans and makes every arrangement to make sure that Evans doesn't escape. He is also rather proud and self-conscious from his prison. The Governor has presence of mind which is clear from the fact that he cross-examines every call that was made to the prison that day. He is intelligent enough to realise that he has been duped but could not judge the extent of the deception. He gets a little over-confident when he tells himself that Evans had no chance of escaping. He is short tempered and gets infuriated with his officers when Evans runs away. At last, he proves to be just another good-for-a-giggle gullible Governor when Evans tricks him again and makes a final escape. His over confidence and self-praise let him down.