Answer the following in 120-150 words:                                                   
Describe how Silas Marner is betrayed by his friend, William Dane.


William Dane was a shrewd fellow compared to Silas Marner. He started developing an intimacy with Silas’ betrothed, Sarah. Being childless, when the senior deacon fell ill, he was tended to by some of the brethren or sisters. Silas shared his night-watching turn with William. The night the deacon died, William did not arrive for his morning watch shift. Later, William arrived with the minister who informed that a pocket-knife was found beside the dead deacon’s bed with the church bag gone missing. When Silas’ dwelling was checked, it was William who found the church bag, thus proving Silas guilty. Silas understood that the culprit was William. The last time Silas had taken out the pocket-knife was when he cut a strap for William. He did not remember putting it back in his pocket. Later, Silas came to know that William had married Sarah.