Our performance in Rio Olympics has told us that we do not pay enough attention to athletics and outdoor games. It is time we revised our attitude. Sports should be an important part of school’s daily routine. Write an article in 150-200 words in ‘Importance of Outdoor Games’. You are Sreeja/Thomas.

Importance of Outdoor games
By Sreeja/ Thomas

Games like cricket, hokey, tennis, football and badminton are outdoor games that are played in open grounds. They are games that involve physical activity and also a spirit of healthy competition. Outdoor games are important to relax ourselves and to increase stamina.

Due to today’s lifestyle, children of low ages are suffering from various diseases like obesity, diabetes etc. and therefore outdoor activities have become an important part of their curriculum. Outdoor games also have a long term benefit on health as it boosts the immune system. These help in the growth of the kids and help them to stay fit in a longer run.

Such games also help students to develop mentally as these games teach students leadership qualities and team work. They boosts up their confidence level and self-esteem. They learn to interact which help them to enhance their communication skills. In this world of gadgets and technologies in is very important for children to leave theirs phones, laptops, television and engage themselves in outdoor activities for their betterment.