Your PGT English Ms. Geetha is a short story writer also. ‘Sky is not Far’ is a collection of her latest short stories. This book has won a national award. Write a speech in 150 – 200 words you will deliver in her honour in the morning assembly.


Honoring the Gem amongst Us- Ms. Geetha

I feel honored and privileged to have been given the opportunity to stand before you all and say a few words of appreciation for our beloved Ms. Geetha (PGT, English). What a person she is! She has not only been inspiring us to evolve as students and better human beings but has also, given us the courage to believe in our dreams and try to fulfill them.

Good morning to one and all present here. I Ragini Joshi, on behalf of the students of Bachelors in English am going to present a speech in the honor of the author of a national award winning book, Sky Is Not Far. The book is a collection of short stories written by her. As the title itself suggests, the book is a set of stories which are not just tales but are an account of inspirational journeys, undertook by common people and how they achieved their not so common goals in life.

Ms. Geetha, through her stories, not just the ones she has written in the book, but the ones she told us in class, has inspired each one of us and made us believe that sky is the limit and of course, it is not so far. I am proud to say that I have been one of the students in her class, who has looked up to her and is a huge fan of her master pieces.

Thank you ma’am for mentoring us and making us believe that though life may not be a bed of roses, there is nothing which is impossible to achieve.

Thank You