There are a lot of people around the world who want to lose weight and build muscles without using weight. However, they are hampered by the fact that they don’t have the financial means to go to expensive gyms regularly or to purchase the necessary physical fitness equipment for their home.

Not being able to buy a set of barbells and dumbbells or joining an exclusive gym should not hinder you from building muscle fast.

Build Muscles Without Weights

Push Ups – muscle building exercise

There are certain effective exercises that will help you to build muscles without requiring you to lift free weights. Let us take a look at these exercises and how they are best performed

  1. Lie face down on the floor. Put both palms on the floor with hands wider than shoulder-width distance. Inhale deeply.
  2. Exhale as you lift your body up, making sure that your weight is supported only by your hands and your toes. Make sure that your arms are straight or fully extended. Behind you, your legs should also be very straight.
  3. Go back down by bending your arms at your elbow, but stop two inches above the floor. Inhale as you descend.
  4. Build yourself up gradually to 100 reps.

You can try another push-up variation which involves positioning your palms close together with the elbows tucked to the body. This exercise helps in building up the triceps muscles. To increase difficulty, you can position your feet higher with the aid of a chair or steps.

Pull-Ups to gain muscles fast

  1. Stand under a pull up bar. Grip the bar with palms facing away from you. Your hands should be a bit wider than shoulder-width distance. Inhale deeply.
  2. Pull your body up, making sure that your chin goes over the bar. Exhale as you do this move.
  3. Slowly go back down to starting position
  4. Start with 10 pull-ups moving up to 50, 75 and 100 reps.

This exercise helps in building up the biceps, shoulder, and back muscles. Another variation of this exercise is to have your palms facing toward your body.

Double Bar Dips

  1. Stand between the double bars. Make sure that you have a good grip on the bars.
  2. Get into the starting position by extending your arms fully so that they support the weight of your body.
  3. With your elbows tucked close to your torso, lower your body by bending your arms at your elbows. Inhale as you descend.
  4. Go back to starting position, exhaling as you go up.
  5. Move up gradually to 100 reps.

This exercise builds up the triceps muscles. You can also increase the difficulty of this exercise by leaning forward at a 30-degree angle as the starting position.

Squats for muscles building

  1. Stand up straight with feet at shoulder-width distance and toes pointed slightly outwards. Put your hands on your waist and thrust your hips backwards.
  2. Inhale and then squat down, making sure that your knees do not extend beyond the imaginary line between your toes. You should form an angle less than 90 degrees between the thighs and calves.
  3. Exhale as you go back up to starting position
  4. 40 Gradually move up to 200 reps.

This exercise is very effective in building up the leg muscles.

Crunches build muscles without weight

  1. Lie down on your back on the floor or on an exercise mat. Your feet should be positioned close to your buttocks. Cross your hands behind your head.
  2. Crunch your upper body up so that your chest touches your thighs. Exhale as you execute this move.
  3. Slowly go back down to starting position, inhaling as you do so. Stop before your back touches the mat.
  4. Gradually move up to 50 reps or more