Academic research and writing assistance have consistently played a focal part in advocating quality education for all, especially for intentional students. Often is the case that the students join international courses and travel to foreign lands for higher education, however, the moment they start the learning process, they realize that they have an unfair competitive disadvantage, as all the academic content they are exposed to is not in their native language.

How does it affect the students?

This particular aspect can have a significant impact on the personality of such students. They often find themselves not been able to fully participate in the social gatherings and academic discussions. And this very fact can lead students to develop a lack of self-confidence which can heavily influence the lives of many.

Thereby, various academic support systems and organisations have been developed in the last many years that support students in this regards. Premier Dissertations is just one example of the many such teams. The students who require academic assistance, such as in their standard assessments, dissertations and academic writing etc, are provided with an opportunity to express themselves and get assistance from expert academic advisers and staff members. The students are then instructed on how to manage their academic load and are supported throughout the course of the academic module for which they have request help with.

Many students even struggle with the structuring of the academic content they are required to draft, and for some, there are issues of finding the right academic sources. Some students find it difficult on how to avoid the issues of plagiarism, and some students want help with editing and improvement of the work they have already completed.

The solution

International students who need help with essay writing services in a formal academic manner are supported by researchers and academic helpers who have a good experience in these fields. These organization support students from the very beginning to the completion of their academic modules.  This process ensures that the learning process of the students remains continues and their ability to work by themselves is flourished in due course.

It is also important to understand here that many international students who require help with their studies are often neglected by the ‘structured help systems’ that is provided by the universities. Often students do not want to share the fact that they are in need of help, as it can be looked upon as some kind of ‘lack’ OR an ‘inability’ by their fellow students. Thereby they prefer to get online-help and try to get the support they need in complete privacy.


The academic assistance providers understand these facts, and thereby they ensure the provision of complete data protection to students they work with. None of the content, details and instructions is shared with any 3rd party, and thereby complete privacy is ensured so that students can feel at ease while working with their academic assistance providers.

Therefore it can be argued here that although some companies and students may not be fully obliging to fair use of the academic assistance that is being provided, however, there is a definite need of this service, particularly for international students.

More work needs to be done to ensure that a fair system is provided to all international students who come to study, particularly when it comes to developing the skill of writing in a formal academic manner.

An article published by Premier Dissertations.