Body builders have tried many exercises to build muscles but are unable to get the exact result. I am going to share with you a secret exercise that I have experienced and got an outstanding result that you can even think.

This exercise boosts the abs size build muscles quickly. You just move your one arm in curl shape like a barbell as you have grab the barbell with one of your hand and you are going to grab that barbell.

It is very simple to say but not as much easy to do.Just grab the barbell in the center of the bar. You have to keep your elbow just planted at your side and have to keep balance. The balance is very much important in this position because in this position it is difficult to keep but you have to do it to build muscles.

Now if we talk about the weight that you should lift in this exercise. It’s always a good practice to start with low weight. So you should start with empty barbell. It is of about 45 pounds.

When you have become easy with it then you can add some additional weight. Now if you are facing difficulty to lift empty barbell even then there is no need of worrying.

It is a common problem that at start you cannot lift heavy weight and especially the persons who are not practiced it before. I have another extra trick to do in place of this. Now you do the same exercise with both hands.

It means if you are unable to lift the empty barbell with one hand then you should use your both hands and curling the barbell in such a way that your both hands are touching with each other. When you are experienced with your both hands then try with one hand, this will help you to build muscles quickly and in very good shape.

Ok now you are very much easy with your one hand then you are going to do this exercise with your forefinger and thumb of your left hand. It means you are lifting the empty barbell with your 8 fingers. Now taking fingers of your left hand is in out of equation form until you are going to curl the barbell with your one hand. While doing this exercise you are doing a fun by moving the barbell in a very circus type movement and squeezing the bell. It helps you to be like a concrete and build muscles quickly.

Now some exercise for your biceps that will also help to have quick result. Do the same barbell curls of 10 times and do this in 3 sets. Take 1 minute rest in each set. Now does the close grip of barbell biceps curl and it also consists of 3 sets having above mentioned amount of rest between the sets.

Use your one hand for barbell curls and complete 2 to 5 sets. But while doing this exercise you are not going to rest between the sets. You have to complete this exercise as soon as possible. When you are completed with your one hand then use your second hand and follow the same exercise with same amount of sets that you have done with you’re first hand and build muscles quickly

While doing this exercise regularly you will see the result very soon that you can just imagine.

Happy with your nice body and attractive abs

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