I was working on the my webmaster and I notice a yellow color robot button on the left-hand side on the Google webmaster.
I found it interesting and I really wanted to know about it I quickly click on the robot button and a message pop-up

” Toggle Star war Mode” – when a Click on the it I found a message

“Star Wars Day – May The 4th be with you
Celebrate your star wars fandom with us today,
May the 4th, the official star wars holiday.

Join the resistance against the Empire, or maybe just keep a lookout for star wars references. You can join or leave this universe by clicking the button at the top of the screen.

May the 4th be with you.

Not for me, Thanks Okay

Here is screen shot

Toggle Star war Mode GOogle webmaster

I search on google and I found that on 4th of May some kind of Star wars online shopping discount are going to live.

I was amazed to figure out this thing on google webmaster. This thing creates a big question in front of us that

why google promoting Star wars Toggle mode on webmaster?

Is anyone knows about this answer please comment on the box and you your feedback.

Why google doing promotion of star wars Toggle mode on webmaster.